The European VitreoRetinal encyclopedia (€Vpedia) is a multimedia encyclopedia. Its goal is to offer the different ways of practicing in medical & surgical retina with all the advantages offered by an Internet publication:

  • More democratic:each EVRS member will be allowed to bring its contribution as it is the rule for our congresses
  • Continuously updated: when a book is published, it is already outdated.
  • More relevant: articles are presented in a clear direct and accessible manner which allows easier access to the researched questions
  • Advanced search options: you can obtain either the different philosophies proposed by different surgeons for a given disease or the comprehensive philosophies of a given surgeon for various diseases
  • More practical: videos enhance drawing or text explanations each time a practical maneuver is presented
  • Interactive: article comments & discussions are accessible to everyone
  • Greater information continuity: hypertext links allow a direct access to more information as ie to a reference's abstract

You are invited to explore the site and enrich its content in the EVRS spirit of sharing your experiences.

In practice

The articles with videos and images have been organized in the Firefox environment. Some dysfunctions can be observed with other systems (ie Internet Explorer). Firefox can be downloaded for free.  

If you want to submit an article, there are two options:

  1. Click on article submission. An editor page will offer you the SPIP publication format. You can select your language in the upper right hand corner. Explanations for technical writing procedures, downloading figures (with or without legends) and movies can be found by clicking on the question mark boxes. This requires some time for a thorough understanding.

After editing your article, you will be able to immediately see the result online. However, the article will not be directly available on EVpedia. It will be reviewed and edited in the EVpedia standard format before publishing.

  1. Put your text (in Word and Pdf format), images and movies on a CD or DVD and send it to EVRS 8 Rue Camille Flammarion 44000 Nantes France (this is the easiest way for you).

Articles les plus récents

Articles les plus récents

Cataract surgery from the viewpoint of a vitreoretinal surgeon

dimanche 5 novembre 2006 par Klaus Lucke
Preferences of a vitreoretinal surgeon > suite

20G vs 25G, The Race

dimanche 5 novembre 2006 par Didier ducournau
Race between two vitrectomies (20G vs 25G) done for a similar ERM, comparing the duration of the different steps > suite

Peeling Technique for P.D.R.

samedi 4 novembre 2006 par Didier ducournau
Easier technique of PDR dissection > suite

Dislocated IOL Surgery

samedi 4 novembre 2006 par Didier ducournau
A very easy technique to pick up a dislocated IOL and place it in the anterior chamber > suite

Vitreous Surgery Without Endoillumination for Proliferative Diabetic Retinopathy

samedi 12 novembre 2005 par Jerzy Nawrocki
Vitreous SurgeryWithout Endoillumination for Proliferative Diabetic Retinopathy > suite

Safety exit for the removal of giant IOFB

vendredi 4 novembre 2005 par Cesare Forlini
Different IOFB extractions shown in videos > suite

Vitrectomy Machine Choice

mardi 4 novembre 2003 par Didier ducournau
Description of the complex functioning of a vitrectomy machine which obeys the laws of fluid dynamics > suite

Juxtapapillary cyst-like lesions

mardi 4 novembre 2003 par Didier ducournau
Exceptionaly rare intra retinal cyst-lyke proliferation > suite

Vitrectomy Indications for RD

mardi 4 septembre 2001 par Didier ducournau
Vitrectomy indication according to the clinical details > suite

Scleral Buckling for RD

mercredi 4 novembre 1998 par Didier ducournau
Rationale, Mechanics, Indications and Surgical Technique > suite

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